Friday, May 10, 2013

Well this is a little odds and ends post. I really need to be more mindful to add to my poorly blog that i haven't cared for.

So updates, I bought my new car two weeks ago and i'm loving it. Although it has no name but i don't really want to rush into a name until it feels right.
Its a little white 1.2ltr chrysler ypilson and i love it. As first cars go it is a little beaut and since i'm style over substance with things like that it will do nicely!

Projects wise i have been absolutely awful. They have all stalled. every last one. From my Alphabet, to the wigwam and probably worst of all setting up The Little Bird's Bug website. Although with the letters its just a case of getting out there and finding them. With the wigwam i need to find the raw materials, find a pattern and dust off the completely neglected sewing machine that i've had for many years and used... twice? I just don't have enough hours in the day i really don't.

Really need to get my butt into gear. I am a creative soul. Its just that the day job and being a mum is getting in the way of all that!

This Wednesday i popped into work with Jude and he fitted right in. 16 months old and employable already. I have high hopes for my boys future. Although if he could be something more special than a training coordinator that would make me happy.

So signing off. Hopefully the next post will be next week and i'll have updates with some of my projects. Infact tonight i'll work on some sketches for a little something something. Or write a plan. If ever there was someone who needed a deadline it was me.

LB x

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beep Beep

I have been rather neglectful over two things, one being this blog and getting it looking a lot more like how i had envisaged. And secondly the shop! Need to get focused about this.

However, as with so many things i've been off on a tangent doing other things including.... *drumroll* passing my driving test.

I have been out buying a new car and insurance etc which is causing a pain as its so expensive.

New car and potentially new business. hopefully things are on the up and up :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Kids Life

If anyone is looking to get their kids some lovely personalised gifts, toys, bedding or furniture think about stopping by It is an independently run website by the fantasic Natalie who has kindly agreed to help answer some of the millions and millions of questions i have about setting up the little birds bug online store.

Keep the economy alive by helping out the little people, if the big people are finding it difficult just think how the littles are doing?!

Have a browse and save as a favourite. you might just see something you like at some point.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mumpreneur in the making???

I have been thinking in the past few months since returning to work after lovely maternity leave that maybe it would be nice to have a better work life balance.

I have ideas, i have a business degree why not put both to good use and do something with my life thats a little scary but ultimately going to be something i enjoy doing.
So... I have been looking into running my own online store, it will be the little bird's bug but not as we know it.
I contacted a few Mumpreneurs and I thought I’d chance my luck and contact the people from the Cambridge Satchel company. If you don’t know the company you’ll know the advert.
They are featured in the fab google advert about the woman who starts her bag company from her kitchen and it grows though social media and now has a fully fledged company to be proud of.
I have been so lucky to hear back from a few including the cambridge satchel company so hopefully i'll get a few tips and then if i'm really brave i'll go for it.
Wish me luck!


PPPPPick up a P

The latest letter that I found is ‘P’ it’s the same as my ‘B’, a total blank canvas and as yet I’m undecided about what to do with this one. Further thought is required for this one I reckon…

& This isn’t even in the alphabet!
I found an & in the new Tiger store in Glasgow. There were so many letters to choose from but as I had been worried about not being able to find an ampersand when the time came to it so I snapped it up there and then. It’s plain while, so I’m undecided as to whether I should paint it or decorate it some other way. I might just leave it for now…
On a side note, I think that Tiger might be a new favourite shop. I got some pretty striped paper straws.

H is for Having it!
I found this black lacquered letter H when I was looking for silver paint even though I’m so sure I have silver acrylic paint somewhere in the house. I liked this though and it’s another letter ticked off the list…

I’ve decided I want to run an online shop… Big step but I think that since I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon I can think of it more as a sideline rather than something that keeps me away from the breadline.
Ideally what I’d love it do is give this a go and for it to take off just enough for me to work less hours or that it could support me. I grudge working just to pay the bills and spend minimal time with my bug. Hopefully this will help me regain some work life balance and sell stuff that I know I love and that I think other people will really like.
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
As the title of this post might suggest, the next letter i have 'found' is B. The inspiration for this was partly down to the picture posted in 'Something beginning with F'
I simply adore the huge wooden button that was used for O but try as i might i just can't find one out there to replicate this.
I have a soft spot of buttons for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why but i have a great necklace covered in all different buttons (Its nicer than i've made it sound.) But back to the alpha project... I couldn't get the big button but i thought why not use buttons in it somehow.

I'd also been inspired by things i've seen on the internet which is a constant source of inspiration tinged with jealousy that i don't have such beautiful things.

The above picture is a UK map created with buttons and badges and is available on and is by Hello Geronimo.

So with this in mind i set about creating my buttony B. I got a glue gun especially for this project and i must admit its been a great purchase so far even though i burned my fingers a few times with the molten glue... Ouch!!! Silly me but in my defense the only reason i managed it was because i was dealing with such fiddly little items. I am so pleased with the outcome though and i'm actually considering that doing something similar to Hello Geronimo. Watch this space. It would be along a similar theme but i think i'd stick with the letters.

Ta da! this is the step by step process but its looking good. 2 down 24 to go... P is next!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello Love birds

Just want to wish everyone a happy St Valentine's day.
I got this little cupid lolly for Jude since he's my little love. Hopefully he won't make too much of a mess with it although i seriously doubt it.