Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mumpreneur in the making???

I have been thinking in the past few months since returning to work after lovely maternity leave that maybe it would be nice to have a better work life balance.

I have ideas, i have a business degree why not put both to good use and do something with my life thats a little scary but ultimately going to be something i enjoy doing.
So... I have been looking into running my own online store, it will be the little bird's bug but not as we know it.
I contacted a few Mumpreneurs and I thought I’d chance my luck and contact the people from the Cambridge Satchel company. If you don’t know the company you’ll know the advert.
They are featured in the fab google advert about the woman who starts her bag company from her kitchen and it grows though social media and now has a fully fledged company to be proud of.
I have been so lucky to hear back from a few including the cambridge satchel company so hopefully i'll get a few tips and then if i'm really brave i'll go for it.
Wish me luck!

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