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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
As the title of this post might suggest, the next letter i have 'found' is B. The inspiration for this was partly down to the picture posted in 'Something beginning with F'
I simply adore the huge wooden button that was used for O but try as i might i just can't find one out there to replicate this.
I have a soft spot of buttons for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why but i have a great necklace covered in all different buttons (Its nicer than i've made it sound.) But back to the alpha project... I couldn't get the big button but i thought why not use buttons in it somehow.

I'd also been inspired by things i've seen on the internet which is a constant source of inspiration tinged with jealousy that i don't have such beautiful things.

The above picture is a UK map created with buttons and badges and is available on and is by Hello Geronimo.

So with this in mind i set about creating my buttony B. I got a glue gun especially for this project and i must admit its been a great purchase so far even though i burned my fingers a few times with the molten glue... Ouch!!! Silly me but in my defense the only reason i managed it was because i was dealing with such fiddly little items. I am so pleased with the outcome though and i'm actually considering that doing something similar to Hello Geronimo. Watch this space. It would be along a similar theme but i think i'd stick with the letters.

Ta da! this is the step by step process but its looking good. 2 down 24 to go... P is next!

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