Friday, May 10, 2013

Well this is a little odds and ends post. I really need to be more mindful to add to my poorly blog that i haven't cared for.

So updates, I bought my new car two weeks ago and i'm loving it. Although it has no name but i don't really want to rush into a name until it feels right.
Its a little white 1.2ltr chrysler ypilson and i love it. As first cars go it is a little beaut and since i'm style over substance with things like that it will do nicely!

Projects wise i have been absolutely awful. They have all stalled. every last one. From my Alphabet, to the wigwam and probably worst of all setting up The Little Bird's Bug website. Although with the letters its just a case of getting out there and finding them. With the wigwam i need to find the raw materials, find a pattern and dust off the completely neglected sewing machine that i've had for many years and used... twice? I just don't have enough hours in the day i really don't.

Really need to get my butt into gear. I am a creative soul. Its just that the day job and being a mum is getting in the way of all that!

This Wednesday i popped into work with Jude and he fitted right in. 16 months old and employable already. I have high hopes for my boys future. Although if he could be something more special than a training coordinator that would make me happy.

So signing off. Hopefully the next post will be next week and i'll have updates with some of my projects. Infact tonight i'll work on some sketches for a little something something. Or write a plan. If ever there was someone who needed a deadline it was me.

LB x

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