Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh i do like to be beside the sea side (sort of)

This weekend, i had a rare night away from my little bug and it just seemed wrong.
I'm not some super clingy mother who never lets her child out of sight (I work 4 days a week) but there is something about putting him to bed every night that i have to be a part of.

Got up on Saturday morning and had a driving lesson (don't ask how it went) and then when i got back it was Jude time!
I am like a child when i get off the train at night and literally run back to my house to see my boy. It serves two purposes, i get excerise and i her to see an extra minute or two of awake time with Jude. To be fair the train station is at the bottom of the back garden but i do have to walk around. Anyway i am going off topic.

It takes around an hour on the train to get to the ferry Terminal, Which i utilised by knittting. I was convinved that the transport police would ask to take away my weapons but thankfully they didn't. The station at Wemyss Bay is just so quaint and beautiful. Its a true little gem that not enough people get to see. but the design is just amazing. It's a listed building so thankfully its protected from the big bad developers.

Taking these picture i did run the risk of looking like a train-spotter but i personally think it was worth it.

Anway... Again i am going off on a tangent. Off I went to the ferry and i  was getting some admiring glances off the older women on the ferry. The must have thought it was so strange to see someone so young having granny skills.

I got off the ferry and i could lie and say i ran to my parents place, but i won't.
I was so excited when i got to the flat, up the lovely stone spiral staircase and... The door was locked!

Thankfully they were in and i got my a huge smile and cuddle from Jude.
Not to mention the jude point. Usain Bolt has his lighting bolt stance and jude had his own style. Just another little thing to love about him.

So, the highlight of my weekend? Seeing my boy. I hadn't properly seen him since bedtime on Thursday night as i leave for the office before he wakes in the morning.
Cue the pangs of guilt as i leave him without saying goodbye.

So we had a lovely day, i got a tour of my parents flat in Rothesay which is cute because it was the first time Jude has been there since he started walking.
Its got so many places to hide compared to our house my mum & dads real house.

 But this picture sums up the highlight of my weekend... Bathtime and Bed with my baby boy. Some good ol' aliteration but when you work long days and don't get to see much of the little person you love you enjoy these moments all the more.

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