Saturday, February 9, 2013

Driving lessons!

So... I have taken around five years to learn to drive! Not that i haven't been taking lessons. I take lessons for a while, stop for a week or two and then... Nothing!
I started driving lessons seriously again in 2011, passed my theory test and was all set for taking lessons again when i discovered i was pregnant. I took the lessons until around 2 weeks before my due date then gave up. Once my son was born that was that, barely time to brush my hair never mind.

Before returning to work after maternity leave i decided enough was enough, babies are difficult enough to get around without doing it via public transport trains and buses!

Now after Four, yes Four, different driving instructors i am sitting my test in a few weeks. I'm not saying i'm going to pass first time but i will pass. Hopefully i won't take any more than 3 attempts. But i will pass.

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