Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'We dones days'

Wednesday is a very special day here our little nest.
We have something called we dones day. This is our special day, just me and jude and more importantly no work getting in the way of spending time together.
So here is the idea, every Wednesday i am going to dedicate it to things that Jude and i can do together.

So first thing on the list is... Making a snow man. Jude turned one on the 7th of January so he missed last winter as he was truly a little snug bug.
This year he can get out and about in the garden and we'll play... and i'll make a snow man.

To be honest i think until Jude really can force his opinion of We dones day we'll be doing things i think we'll enjoy. There is definitely something about snow that turns all adults into big kids.

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