Something beginning with F

This is the first of my projects. It started a few months ago when we moved into a new house.
Jude's old bedroom was all white furniture with a 'feature' wall of nine frames containing different pictures that all tied in with the theme of 'white and bright.'
I didn't like the idea of having the classic pink or blue room when i had my baby. Plus we didn't find out so you can't have a surprise in a room other than yellow or white.
Anyway, as jude was 10 months old when we moved I felt that there was no point in having a 'nursery' styled room as he is very much a little boy now.

Well... christmas came and went and i still felt that Jude's bedroom needed a little bit of oomph. So it started with a search on as i love that site. I thought about getting an alphabet poster. As expected i saw so many fantastic items. I decided before i bought anything that a little google search wouldn't go a miss. And i stumbled upon this picture...
Once i saw this i was sold, not on the original idea of framing an alphabet poster was out the window.
So the other week i jumped feet first into the project and bought a letter, but which one? Should i start at A and go in order or should i pick them up as i find them? The answer is that i actually bought my first letter from after all! I love it, and i got it on sale, now who am i to argue with that.
I effing love it, apparently it was reduced because it wasn't 100% perfect but i love it all the more for its imperfection. One down, 25 to go... ah no wait! I still have 26 to go, we can't forget &.The unoficial addition.

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